Telehealth supports a variety of clinical uses in home health care, including transition care, palliative care, chronic disease management, etc. Telehealth offers peace of mind and safety for the loved ones of our patients by allowing our patients to retain their independence, flexibility in scheduling and helps save time on visits, reach patients in rural areas, and keep high-risk patients safe.

The use of telehealth can optimize the delivery of healthcare, including:


  • Conducting frequent check-ins to support care continuity
  • Providing continuing education, reminders, and coaching on remote patient monitoring
  • Enhancing family and caregiver involvement and education through family care conferences
  • Immediate medical response following emergencies
  • Virtual monitoring of patients’ home environment and available resources to promote individualized care

Medical HouseCalls offers telehealth appointments to all of our patients. Patients who have a smart device can have same day appointments via providers remotely. Telehealth visits are also available for patients who do not have a smart device or are unable to connect as Medical HouseCalls utilizes medical assistants who can manage the patent end of the telehealth visit in their home.