When a patient is homebound, it can be difficult to get them to the doctor’s office and get the necessary tests they might need. With advancements in healthcare, Medical HouseCalls is able to monitor patients who have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, etc. without having them have to go to the doctor’s office. Remote patient monitoring allows Medical HouseCalls providers to monitor patients daily who are in their home, in transit, or even on vacation by using devices like:


  • Glucose meters for diabetes management
  • Heart rate monitors to manage congestive heart failure
  • Blood pressure cuffs to measure blood pressure
  • Oximeters to measure blood oxygen levels
  • Scales for weight management

The readings from these devices are available in real-time for provides to gather information and analyze the health data to streamline patient care and quickly determine whether their condition is stabilized, deteriorating, or improving. This gives Medical HouseCalls the ability to make any changes to the treatment plan and allows providers to provide a higher quality of patient care.

If you qualify for remote patient monitoring, Medical HouseCalls will ensure that you and your loved ones are fully educated on the device and the benefits of its use, are able to navigate the device and understand the importance of its use in the care, encourage and give positive feedback for the use of the device.