Medical HouseCalls Primary Care for the Homebound Elderly

The providers of Medical HouseCalls have over 35 years of experience providing primary care to homebound geriatric patients. We can manage all of you or your loved one’s primary care needs in the safety of your own home and independent or assisted living facility. Blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, etc. can be done in the convenience of your own home.

We have developed several new programs designed to keep patients out of the emergency room and hospital. Every qualifying patient in the Medical HouseCalls practice is assigned a nurse case manager to coordinate all of the medical care that those patients receive. These case managers will have frequent touch points with patients and families to update and monitor their care. This allows Medical HouseCalls to be proactive in its approach to managing the care of its patients, a strategy very effective at minimizing the need to go to an acute care setting.

Additionally, Medical HouseCalls can telemonitor qualifying patients who have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, etc. Those patients can receive a free weight scale, blood pressure machine, or glucometer and the readings on these devices are available in real time for Medical HouseCalls to review. This allows providers the ability to monitor the health of our patients closer than ever before.

Medical HouseCalls also offers a Telehealth program to all the patients in our practice. Patients who have smart devices can have same day appointments via providers remotely. Telehealth visits are also available for patients who don’t have a smart device and are unable to connect as Medical HouseCalls utilizes medical assistants who can manage the patient end of the telehealth visit in that patient’s home.

In 2021, Medical HouseCalls joined forces with Supportive Healthcare. This partnership has resulted in more efficient and reliable health services that Medical HouseCalls is able to provide its patients and family of patients. Medical HouseCalls is now well positioned, with the help of Supportive Healthcare, for success in the ever-changing world of healthcare by providing the best environment by improving quality of care, efficiency, cost, and driving the change that improves the care we provide our patients.

If you wish to receive medical visits in the comfort of your own home, contact Medical HouseCalls today and you can expect to be seen within 7-10 days or sooner if necessary.